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Reflectómetro Óptico en el Dominio del Tiempo (OTDR) JF2H-D26

FHO3000-D26 FTTh OTDR de longitud de onda dual 1310/1550nm, 26/24dB 

otdr d26

otdr d26

Descripción general:310/1550nm OTDR Fiber Optic OTDR Reflectometer 26/24dB 1/6m 5 inch Touch Screen, with Carrying Bag (Model FHO3000-D26)

Fiber Optic OTDR Wavelength 1310/1550nm, Dynamic Range 26/24dB Dead zone 1/6m, up to 100km The OTDR 1)With Touch Screen
2) With stylus pen
3) With Calibrate certificate & Test Report
4) With Carrying Case
5) With Software, User Manual
6) With All accessories Extra Service 
1) recalibrated. (generally, every 3 years)
2) built-in Specific language
3) software update

otdr d26-e.png
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